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Spry Sparrow Review 4.5 Stars

I was delighted by the Spry Sparrow review 4.5 Stars by Leigh Adamkiewicz (Luxury Reading).

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Teaching Children How to Feel Good About Self

In a recent article I wrote at Chidswork.com — about teaching children how to feel good — I eluded to a game session that we had in my office.

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Strengthening Weaknesses

We all have strengths that we strive to hone, but what do we do if or when we cannot depend upon our strengths and have to use our weaker sides? There are ways of strengthening our weaknesses.

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Messages from Nature

When I am able to get to the shore, like most others, I use the time to reflect on life, philosophize, and find peace of heart and mind. I also listen for the messages from nature that I can incorporate into my life.

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Simple Goodness

I love New York City trains. Riding the subway is always on my “to do list” when I visit the city. The people are amazing. Going about their personal business, passengers see people around them without being intrusive. While the locals mind their own business, I never have difficulty finding someone to help me get on the train I should really be on.

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Identifying The Strengths of a Child

In a recent article I wrote for Childswork, I delved into the all-too-familar tradition of children’s innate gifts left unseen because they failed to do something else exceptionally well; parents are at times disappointed at a mediocre result in one area, so they stop looking at others.

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